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To search an area for alleged criminal activity enter your 5 digit zipcode in the search box and hit enter. If you would like to narrow your search within that particular zipcode enter the plus 4 (+ 4) the specific four digit code in addition to the required 5 digit zipcode.

To upload and submit images/videos please complete the Upload form on the Upload page including as much information as possible. The Zipcode, your email address, description, and image/video link are required fields. Images and videos can come from any source as long as the file type is one of the following: .jpg, .png, .gif. The more information you can provide in the description field will be more useful in helping to catch the bad guy/girl. Suggested details include Street Name, Date of Incident, Time, Zipcode +4, and any other pertinent information to help us apprehend the criminal.

Once we receive your submission, review it, and find it to be legitimate alleged criminal activity, we will post it on our website within 24 – 36 hours. We manually review every submission to make sure that what we are posting is truly an alleged criminal activity. We don’t want innocent people being accused of malicious acts.

Our GOTCHA page exists from results of working with the local police department to make our users aware of the success that this website and our relationship with our law enforcement is providing. When you first access the GOTCHA page, random results will appear of all the criminals that have been apprehended. You have the ability to search on this page using any 5 digit zipcode to see who in your area has been apprehended. Just enter the 5 digit zipcode in the search box you are searching for and if there have been any arrests in that zipcode, the results will be displayed. Please note, that the zipcode +4 search is not an option on this page.

We want to hear from you and this is the best place to do it. We welcome any comments, suggestions, complaints, etc. that you want to share with us. This is also the area where you will let us know if you want to be notified or discontinue notifications of activity in your area or any area you have previously indicated. By sending us a quick email here we will be happy to accommodate your requests. Please allow us 24-36 hours for a response due to the numerous emails we receive.

When you become a member of KnockKnockGotcha.com you will be notified of any activity in your specified Zip Code and by adding your Zip Code + 4 this helps to refine your location. By providing your mailing address we will send you Gotcha Gear that will help alert possible criminals that we are watching. We will never share or sell your information and we will never send you advertisements. Please consider joining us to help build the alliance against the bad guy, or bad girl.

If you are interested in advertising on our website please send an email via our Contact Page with “AD SPACE INQUIRY” in the subject line. Please include your contact information and we will get back with you at our earliest convenience.