Approximately 37 million packages stolen last year 26 million stolen during the holidays alone Average replacement cost $200 for a $50 package was developed to help spread awareness of alleged criminal activity to a larger audience. We do this by allowing images from any device or link to be uploaded. This gives everyone, whether you own a particular device or not, in any area to view and post activity. We are all working together to catch the bad guy; or bad girl. On our website you can:

  • Upload and view images from any device
  • Send links from any source of alleged criminal activity – Residential or Commercial
  • Search any location nationwide
  • By becoming a Gotcha Member you can receive updates on activity in your area without having to own a particular device
75208 – Package Thief
75206 Stolen Ring Doorbell

To search an area for alleged criminal activity enter your 5 digit zipcode in the search box and hit enter. If you would like to narrow your search within that particular zipcode enter the plus 4 (+ 4) the specific four digit code in addition to the required 5 digit zipcode.

Our GOTCHA page exists from results of working with the local police department to make our users aware of the success that this website and our relationship with our law enforcement is providing. Just enter the 5 digit zipcode in the search box!


Once we receive your submission, review it, and find it to be legitimate alleged criminal activity, we will post it on our website within 24 – 36 hours. We manually review every submission to make sure that what we are posting is truly an alleged criminal activity.

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30213 – Drive Up Package Theft
99301 – Mail Theft